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Manchester, TN - Friday, November 17, 2017 - Weekly News
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NC Sports
by Olivia Vinson

North Coffee has played three basketball games so far.

This past weekend the North Coffee girls beat the Deerfield Bucks and the boys lost their game with hard work throughout the entire thing. Did you go this weekend? All the cheerleaders and fans were great supporters of the game. This coming weekend North Coffee will play Westwood City School. It will be a tough game, but if we try our best I think we can wrap up a win, both ways.

The girls’ basketball team has won against East Coffee and Deerfield. The girls also lost against New Union, but it was a close game. The North Coffee boys won their first game against East Coffee, and lost their second and third game by just a little.

Boys basketball practice will be Tuesday and Thursday. Girls basketball practice will be Monday and Wednesday. You can still come support the rest of the county schools at the Coffee County High School this weekend.

What is your favorite sport?

Quote of the week:
   "Hard work beats talent, when talent fails to work hard."
~ Kevin Durant

Great Night at
by E. Lazalier, R. Cento, and C. Freeman

On November 10th, North Coffee had it's annual ChargerFest. Everyone said it was a great success. Mr.Clark thought more people were at Chargerfest than last year.

There were 23 games at Chargerfest. The two most popular games were the haunted house and sand art. Both of the games had to transition from a small container to a large bucket to collect tickets because so many people wanted to enter.

Reports were that on scale of 1 to 10 the haunted house was about a 7. People interviewed believed that the haunted house was scarier this year than last year. The haunted house had a much better layout on it's second year. It took three days for staff members to build the haunted house. Many parts of the of the decorations were donated by former teachers.

In the sand art room, students picked out the colors of sand they wanted in their container. Then they poured in various layers of sand to create their art work. Many beautiful, unique and creative designs were crafted.

Fall Festival

Another favorite game was the Dunking Booth. Mr. Clark was the first victim of the tank. He said at least the water was warm but it was very cold outside.

Students could donate money to a teachers cup and anyone who received $50 would get a pie in the face. Mrs.Swack, Mrs.Pauley, Mrs.Quick, Mrs.Barton, Mr.Clark, and Mrs. LeChelle Ferrell all got a pie in the face. Mrs.Bryan was the first to reach $50 but was not at school and will receive her pie sometime before break.

Chargerfest was a big hit. Overall PTO made over $9000 after expenses. A big part of that total was silent auction that raised about $3,000 and live auction that raised over $2,000.

Upcoming Events

Nov 17th - 1:00 Dismissal

Nov 18th - Basketball games VS. Westwood at 1pm and 2pm

Nov 18th - 26th No School, Thankgiving Break

Nov 25th - Manchester Christmas Parade

Nov 27th - Yearbook orders due (Online orders until Nov 30th)

Nov 28th - Coffee Co Student Bank Day

Nov 30th - Sports Pictures and Student Retakes

Dec 7th - Kdg performs Christmas program

Dec 8th - Kdg, 2nd and 3rd grades - Christmas Lunch

Weekly Survey by Elsie Lazalier
Fun and Interesting by NC News Staff

Currently the most popular book in the school library is Diary of a Wimpy Kid Cabin Fever.

I have a joke for you.
  Did you just fall?
    Nooo! I attacked the floor!

Here's one more:
Why did the adult want to live with the two dice?
Because they thought it was a PAR-A-DISE!

3 Ways To Improve Your Grades
1. Take notes on what your teacher says.
2. Pay attention in class.
3. Make sure ask for help if you don't understand what to do.

Coffee County Bank at North Coffee by Liam Brown

At North Coffee, our student bank allows kids to come and put money in their bank account from school. At first, Autumn Stover, Camren Elam, Hetvi Patel, and Liam Brown were our tellers, but Autumn stepped out of the way allowing Chevell Cornelison to come.

Coffee County Bank logo

At bank, the tellers either sit at a table giving out books or prizes, or you can sit at a station where you count the money and give the customers a "receipt." When you're at the books, you have a folder sorting where you find the customers last name and you turn to the folder with the first letter of their last name. Once you do that, you find their first name and give them their book. When you give out the prizes, you make sure that after the customers deposit they get one prize or three suckers. At the station, you wait till the customer gets their book, then they give you their money and you count how much there is. Then, on a deposit slip, you write the date, their account number, and the total ammount of money. Then you put the deposit slip and the money into a bag where the supervisor will take the money to the bank. Then you fill in the "receipt" and give it to the customer with their book.

You do the same thing until you run out of customers. Then you get a balance sheet, and put how much money you have and then the total on the deposit slips and subtract it. If it does not equal zero, you need to see what you did wrong on the deposit slips. If it equals zero, you put your initials and give it to your supervisor and she will sign it. Then you put the balance sheet into the bag with the money and the deposit slips.

After all your hard work, you are paid with candy. That's when your day is over.

Local Happenings by NC News Staff

   by Ryan Cento
Wednesday, November 15th North Coffee had a special Thanksgiving lunch. Lots of parents came to have a special dinner with their child. Instead of the usual things the students would have, the cafeteria served cookies, rolls, milk, and turkey with dressing. The Thanksgiving lunch was a great meal and welcome start to Thanksgiving Break. Our break this year starts November 18th and ending on November 26th.

Fall Festival

   by E. Lazalier and O. Vinson
The 5th grade recorder concert on November 16th went great. Did you enjoy it? Before the concert, students could earn Recorder Karate belts. To receive each belt, students had to master a certain song. During the program students did not perform the songs from the first four belts, but did do several of the others.

   by L. Brown
Fourth and fifth grade gave their 4-H Speeches on Tuesday. We had six students advance to the county contest which will be on January 8th. 4th grade - Natalie Barnes, Jayden Knox, and Christian Anderson. 5th grade - Olivia Vinson, Elsie Lazalier, and Liam Brown.

   by O. Vinson
We will have 1:00 dissmissal this Friday. Next week we will be off on Thanksgiving break. It will be a week of thanks. Make sure you tell your parents how grateful you are for them.

   by O. Vinson
On Saturday November 25, 2017 we will have the Manchester Christmas parade on the square. Make sure you come. Our basketball girls, boys, and cheerleaders will have their own float in the parade.